How To Find High Authority Expired Domains FREE Full Guide!

Hi, This is my first post on this blog, as i asked you all what should be in my first post, most of you asked for a guide on Finding High Authority Expired Domains Free without any tool.
Note:- The Methods Used for finding domains are my own methods and have never been told on any site.

Let’s Start,

What are Expired Domains

Expired Domains are the domains that are available for instant registration on any registrar like Godaddy, NameCheap, DynaDot Etc, Suppose you bought a domain today for 1 year and when it comes to getting expired you don’t renew it then it would become an expired domain and anyone can register it.

but why won’t you renew it? there might be some reasons like you don’t get success in running that site on the domain you bought or you don’t have enough money as well as if it got penalized then you won’t renew it so when it comes to registering an expired domain we should be a lot careful so that we can be safe from getting penalized or useless domains, I’ll guide you on everything that how to choose right domain and how to check metrics, etc.

How These Domains Get Authority

It’s a good question, I Always work on supposing, so let’s suppose you bought a domain on any topic or niche like Cricket and you worked on that domain nicely and ranked it awesome, then we can say this is High Authority Expired Domain, actually what does Authority Mean? it means if the domain has good backlinks DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) and TF (Trust Flow), CF (Citation Flow), and spam free, then we can say the domain is authority one.
In the starting, every newly registered domain contains 0 Rank or Authority but as much as we work on the domain it gets authority or rank and then these domains get expired which is the chance to get something free gold without mining.

What is DA,PA,TF, CF

I am going to tell you about every single metric here line by line.
DA (Domain Authority):- DA is the Authority of a domain between 1 to 100, and it is a metric of Moz (Moz is a Marketing Analytics Company) DA Mainly tells us about the Authority of the root domain like suppose there is a domain “” so DA will tell us the authority of that particular website between 1 to 100, it scores via some own formulas like Backlink Qualities, Number of backlinks and etc, you can check your website DA and PA on Moz OSE Tool.
You can check below in a screenshot how it appears.

PA (Page Authority):- Page Authority is another metric of Moz and it tells about the authority of a particular page mostly, Like you have a website “” DA Score will be the rank score of the whole website and the PA score is particular page score of that website.

TF (Trust Flow): Trust Flow is a metric of Majestic and it shows the score of the quality of backlinks of your website, if your website is getting backlinks from very high authority and trustable websites then it will score up your trust flow.

CF (Citation Flow):- Citation Flow is also a metric of Majestic and it shows the based on the spreads of your website, if your website has too many backlinks in thousands of millions then your CF will be more.
There should be no difference more than 10 between TF and CF , Suppose if TF is 20 of a website then CF should be 25 to 30 , not 40 or more, it indicates a spamy website.

Let’s get back to the topic of Expired Domains, it was important to tell you about some metrics that has major role in finding High Authority Domains.
As i’m gonna tell you my own method by which you can find high authority domains without any free or paid tool.

Steps to Find High Authority Domains

  1. Create An Account on :- Many of you may be familiar with and if you are not then i’m going to make you familiar with it, so this is a website which contains an updated list of expired domains, and it updates list every hour, if you want DA ,PA 50+ Domains then You are reading right post.
    So first of all create an account on

2. After Creating account Simply Login there and go to “Deleted Domains”

3. There you’ll get some domains in the list,  there you’ll have to click on “Show Filters”

4. There you’ll find Backlinks Option in “Common SEO” Simply fill 12000 there. and Check on “Only Available Domains” & Domains per page “200” and click on Apply Filter, as you can below in image.

5. You’ll get sorted out good domains , simply check the metrics of these domains which has DP More than 200 Check the image below

Hehe! You are done, these all domains would be a high authority, don’t believe me? check it out yourself, check metrics on Moz and majestic you’ll get all domains with good quality, don’t forget to check Wayback and anchor text,

Final Words:- I hope you liked my first post on this blog, I’ll post how to sell these domains, etc in the next post, subscribe to our newsletter and don’t forget to share this post with your friends, if you help someone, you’ll get helped by someone too. If you have any questions, don’t mind asking below in the comments, I’ll reply to every comment.

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